Omega Service Maintenance Corporation – The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

Deeply committed to excellent customer service and high ethical standards, Omega Service Maintenance Corporation applies these tenets to providing highly-skilled services, the treatment and training of its employees, and carefully choosing the community organizations to which it contributes. Omega Service believes in the value of neighbors helping neighbors and prefers to contribute to local organizations that aid and uplift the lives of others. Omega Service is a very generous donor to the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, the oldest organization of its kind in New Jersey. Omega Service Maintenance Corporation believes strongly in the hands-on nature of the local, and largely volunteer-run, foundation, as it responds to the needs of the community to which Omega Service is vitally connected. The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation provides counseling and support to New Jersey families whose child has been diagnosed with cancer. Obviously, the cancer diagnosis is emotionally devastating to everyone involved, and if one’s child is diagnosed, the fear and grief is uniquely agonizing for the entire family. In addition to the emotional trauma, there is also the practical element of caring for a loved one with cancer, and this too can be draining, if not completely overwhelming. The child with cancer may go through physically arduous treatments that involve extraordinary discomfort, requiring long recuperation and necessitating total care and possibly transportation to and from the doctor or hospital. And the personal, emotional, and physical needs of everyone else in the family don’t simply cease to exist. This is precisely why the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation exists and why its services are of such profound importance to the community. Providing its services free of charge, the program is successful because its three-tiered approach recognizes the many needs that such a family may have and offers appropriate services that address these various issues. First, the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation offers counseling to the entire family from experienced professionals who understand the toll this illness can take on all involved. Second, ECF helps materially, utilizing trained volunteers to collect and distribute clothing, groceries, toys, and other goods to families. Third, the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation provides emergency financial assistance to families who may be in crisis due to mounting medical bills or the loss of family income resulting from the caretaker quitting or cutting back on work in order to care for the child with cancer. These funds are available for basic needs such as rent or food. Clearly, this kind of emergency financial help could be life-saving to a family in need. The services of the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation are made possible entirely through the largesse of others. The Omega Service Maintenance Corporation is proud to be a donor to this crucial community resource. The Omega Service Maintenance Corporation is a repair and construction company located in Neptune City, New Jersey.

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