Jay Schroyer: Omega Service Maintenance Corporation

Omega Service Maintenance Corporation has been in operation since 1988, providing a wide range of construction and maintenance services for federal government institutions across the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. I am proud to have been a part of their endeavors for the past several years, which have constituted renovation and construction efforts for agencies such as the United States Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and many others. Belonging to the Omega Service Maintenance Corporation is a mark of pride for all who comprise its ranks. Whereas many of our competitors throw their personnel into the field with little to no experience, Omega Service Maintenance insists on hiring journeyman construction workers, men and women who come to us with three years of in-field work, thousands of hours of experience, and knowledge of the many construction vehicles and equipment we use for our various tasks. That sort of experience assures Omega that no matter the type of job we undertake, our crew has the versatility and firsthand understanding of how to do what needs to be done. With the exception of licensed professional environmental and hazardous material services, we at Omega Service Maintenance also make a point of completing every job offered to us with our own crew: no sub-contracting is used in our business. This approach allows us to carefully craft and monitor production schedules, as well as have confidence in the fact that jobs are being completed by personnel we know and trust, personnel who are adept at completing their work promptly and in reasonable periods of time. It has also been my honor to donate and provide my services for a number of important causes, all through my employment with Omega Service Maintenance Corporation. Facilities such as Newton, New Jersey’s Fairview Lake YMCA do their part to provide fun and educational activities for New Jersey’s youths and their families, and Omega reciprocates by applying exceptional craftsmanship to any renovation, maintenance, and construction needs they require. But our efforts don’t stop there: Omega also makes regular contributions to Fairview Lake YMCA and other programs such as The AIDS Support Foundation, Center Stage Productions, and the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation.

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