Interview with Jay Schroyer

With everyone pinching pennies due to the economy, clients in need of renovation and construction work are applying careful scrutiny to ensure that prospective renovation companies possess a triple package consisting of minimum qualifications, manpower, and experience, all of which are vital to producing quality work in a cost-effective manner. According to Jay Schroyer, a contractor with experience in various construction services for the federal government, his employer, Omega Service Maintenance Corporation, doesn’t just meet those qualifications: it exceeds them. I took some time to chat with Jay about the many projects undertaken by Omega Service Maintenance, as well as the company’s typical practices and policies.

Interviewer: In a nutshell, what is Omega Service Maintenance Corporation?

Jay Schroyer: Omega Service Maintenance is a certified business with expertise in construction and facilities maintenance projects contracted to us through the federal government. If Uncle Sam likes us, you know we’re good!

Interviewer: That certainly is high praise. What agencies does Omega Service Maintenance Corporation work for, specifically?

Jay Schroyer: We’ve been all over the place. Our usual customers are the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, the Marine Corps, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and many others. We’ve even worked with the U.S. Postal Service.

Interviewer: Since Omega Service Maintenance essentially works for the federal government, do you operate all over the U.S. or are you based in certain areas?

Jay Schroyer: We operate throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Interviewer: What services does Omega Service Maintenance offer?

Jay Schroyer: Our forte lies in various renovation and construction projects, some repair services, facilities maintenance, and the like. At the risk of sounding like a cliché, the phrase “No job is too big” fits us well: We tackle projects ranging from maintenance work that wraps up in a few hours all the way to massive construction projects that take a good deal longer, though we always aim to finish those as expediently as possible, too.

Interviewer: Experience is so important in a job like yours. If you could wager an estimate, how much experience would you say the collective whole of Omega Service Maintenance Corporation has accrued?

Jay Schroyer: Several decades’ worth, easily. All of our field management personnel are experienced foremen and supervisors who have worked dozens upon dozens of construction and maintenance projects. It’s also a policy of ours to only hire journeyman construction workers, which means they come from apprenticeships comprising hundreds of hours of work, so we know they’re more than qualified to work on the projects we take on.

Interviewer: Does Omega Service Maintenance also use its own equipment, or does it lease?

Jay Schroyer: We absolutely use all of our own equipment, from bobcats, forklifts, and backhoes to excavators, everything we use is ours. The reason for that is we need to make sure we have equipment available to us from start to finish. If we had to return machinery, or if something broke down and we had to find another provider for that same piece of equipment, that’s wasted time and money for both us and our clients.

Interviewer: Thanks for talking to us today, Jay.

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