General Contractor – Omega Service Maintenance

As a general contractor, Omega Service Maintenance enters into contracts with other organizations and individuals to provide for the construction, renovation, or maintenance of various buildings and structures. After a contract is agreed upon and signed, the general contractor assumes responsibility for all means and methods required to execute the construction project. All work must be completed according to the stipulations of the contract, including budget, special conditions, and other specifications for the project. An architect engineers the detailed plans for construction. The general contractor then uses these plans to determine how best to supply the labor and equipment needed to complete the project, including heavy machinery and tools. All labor is provided by the contractor, and, if necessary, the general contractor must subcontract any work it cannot complete in-house. At Omega Service Maintenance, we rely on in-house work as much as possible and only subcontract specialized work, such as the management of hazardous materials. In the United States, general contractors are required to be licensed in the state in which services are rendered.


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