Dormitory Authority of the State of New York

Omega Service Maintenance is proud to have completed work for the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, which is dedicated to providing low-cost, high-quality construction services and financing through efficient, responsive, and innovative teams of professionals. DASNY continues to be supportive of green building practices, and, in April 2009, it received the United States Green Building Council’s LEEDership Award. The LEEDership Award acknowledges DASNY’s contribution to and leadership in green building. The USGBC mentioned four specific points to explain DASNY’s nomination. First, DASNY has created an initiative to educate the construction industry about green methods. Second, DASNY’s adoption of a new energy program, called Five Up-Five Down, is conservatively estimated to reduce energy used by the Authority for heating and cooling purposes by 6.5 percent in the winter and 27.5 percent in summer. Third, DASNY is working to make energy efficiency and sustainability standard practice throughout New York by participation in the Green Building Collaborative. Fourth, the employees of the Dormitory Authority have actively engaged in the climate change solution thereby serving as a model for other organizations, businesses, and families. DASNY has consistently inspired energy conservation, the most effective tool available for the reduction of greenhouse gas pollution. For the past two years, DASNY has required that all new constructions, additions, and significant renovations be submitted to the United States Green Building Council’s rating system, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), for a rating review. Schematic phase models must inform overall design through the use of design runs that explore building performance and energy use. A Commissioning Authority must be part of the design process, particularly during the schematic design phase. Construction is required to track, measure, and prepare all LEED documentation. These requirements ensure that both design and construction teams establish and meet sustainable goals for the project while staying within the given budget parameters of each project. It is through the enforcement of measure like this that DASNY continues to receive recognition for its green building efforts. LEED, the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design Rating System, was developed by the United States Green Building Council in 1998. Providing standards for environmentally sustainable design, construction, and operation, LEED now encompasses over 14,000 projects within the United States and has been adopted by 30 countries. LEED is distinguished by the fact that it is an open and transparent process, meaning that the technical criteria put forth by the LEED committees are reviewed for approval by the public, including over 10,000 membership organizations currently part of the USGBC.


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