Omega Service Maintenance Corporation

Omega Service Maintenance

Omega Service Maintenance Corporation is a United States Small Business Administration 8(a) certified business, but what exactly does that mean about the company and its customers? The 8(a) business development program is named after a section of the Small Business Act and helps small businesses compete in today’s aggressive market. SBA 8(a) certified businesses are small businesses owned by socially or economically disadvantaged individuals of good character who demonstrate a strong potential for success. This potential is measured in a number of ways, including technical and managerial experience, financial capacity, access to credit and capital, performance records, and appropriate professional licensing. The 8(a) certification is a nine-year program consisting of a four-year “developmental” stage and a five-year “transitional” stage. During the developmental stage, businesses are provided with business development assistance to help them overcome their economic disadvantage. The transitional phase offers additional assistance with any remaining elements of economic disadvantage while preparing businesses to leave the 8(a) program. The Small Business Administration provides 8(a) businesses with managerial, technical, financial, and federal contracting assistance to encourage the development of solid and viable businesses with a well-forged place in their respective industries. Over 8,300 companies are currently involved in the SBA 8(a) program with almost $10 billion in federal contracts awarded to 8(a) companies annually. The Small Business Administration acts as a prime contractor for other departments and agencies under the federal government and then awards subcontracts to 8(a) companies based on their individual performances. No contracts are awarded to 8(a) companies until they have authored an approved business plan that includes market potential analyses, a statement of specific strengths and weaknesses, long-term goals, and a transition management plan. After its business plan is approved, an 8(a) company is then responsible for its own marketing efforts and, depending on the success of its marketing efforts, is awarded 8(a) contracts. However, Small Business Administration does not guarantee contracts to 8(a) companies, and awarded contracts are completely dependant on marketing success.

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