Talking with a heavy equipment operator

August 25, 2010

Omega Service Maintenance Corporation is a comprehensive construction and repair company based in New Jersey that completes large-scale operations and often contracts with the federal government. With a firm and long-standing policy of employing only the most qualified individuals in the field, Omega hires highly-trained in-house heavy machine operators. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with a heavy equipment operator for Omega Service Management Corporation, and I learned a bit about the background, training, and qualifications necessary to perform this job properly. Until I spoke with him, I had not given a lot of thought about what it takes to operate those big yellow machines that we see at constructions sites and that help create so many of the structures we depend on in our modern world. First, there are various means to attain the professional skills needed to operate the machines in a safe and effective way, including formal apprenticeships, training programs, and on-the-job training. The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools runs a certification program for heavy equipment operators. The man I spoke with had gone to a high-ranking school where he received extensive rigorous training toward his certification. All professional operators must be able to use the machines for a variety of purposes such as moving materials and earth at sites, clearing and grading land to prepare it for construction, digging large trenches to lay utilities or repair them, and hoisting other large and cumbersome construction equipment. These workers must also be trained to set up and inspect the equipment, making any necessary repairs or adjustments. Safety is always the primary focus when operating the machines, and well-qualified workers can recognize and appropriately respond to safety concerns or unexpected hazardous conditions. In order to avoid accidents, operators observe proper procedures at all times. They also carefully monitor the condition of the machines, cleaning and repairing them as needed to keep them in top running condition. All operators must be able to work under a variety of conditions and sometimes in remote, isolated locations, relying on their training and experience to complete the work safely. Omega Service Maintenance Corporation hires only the most experienced and well-trained construction equipment operators, adhering to the company policy of using in-house, high-level professionals for all of its construction and technical work. Concern for the safety of its workers and the community is paramount for Omega Service Maintenance Corporation.

Omega Service Maintenance Corporation – The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

August 25, 2010

Deeply committed to excellent customer service and high ethical standards, Omega Service Maintenance Corporation applies these tenets to providing highly-skilled services, the treatment and training of its employees, and carefully choosing the community organizations to which it contributes. Omega Service believes in the value of neighbors helping neighbors and prefers to contribute to local organizations that aid and uplift the lives of others. Omega Service is a very generous donor to the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, the oldest organization of its kind in New Jersey. Omega Service Maintenance Corporation believes strongly in the hands-on nature of the local, and largely volunteer-run, foundation, as it responds to the needs of the community to which Omega Service is vitally connected. The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation provides counseling and support to New Jersey families whose child has been diagnosed with cancer. Obviously, the cancer diagnosis is emotionally devastating to everyone involved, and if one’s child is diagnosed, the fear and grief is uniquely agonizing for the entire family. In addition to the emotional trauma, there is also the practical element of caring for a loved one with cancer, and this too can be draining, if not completely overwhelming. The child with cancer may go through physically arduous treatments that involve extraordinary discomfort, requiring long recuperation and necessitating total care and possibly transportation to and from the doctor or hospital. And the personal, emotional, and physical needs of everyone else in the family don’t simply cease to exist. This is precisely why the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation exists and why its services are of such profound importance to the community. Providing its services free of charge, the program is successful because its three-tiered approach recognizes the many needs that such a family may have and offers appropriate services that address these various issues. First, the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation offers counseling to the entire family from experienced professionals who understand the toll this illness can take on all involved. Second, ECF helps materially, utilizing trained volunteers to collect and distribute clothing, groceries, toys, and other goods to families. Third, the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation provides emergency financial assistance to families who may be in crisis due to mounting medical bills or the loss of family income resulting from the caretaker quitting or cutting back on work in order to care for the child with cancer. These funds are available for basic needs such as rent or food. Clearly, this kind of emergency financial help could be life-saving to a family in need. The services of the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation are made possible entirely through the largesse of others. The Omega Service Maintenance Corporation is proud to be a donor to this crucial community resource. The Omega Service Maintenance Corporation is a repair and construction company located in Neptune City, New Jersey.

Jay Schroyer: Omega Service Maintenance Corporation

May 17, 2010

Omega Service Maintenance Corporation has been in operation since 1988, providing a wide range of construction and maintenance services for federal government institutions across the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. I am proud to have been a part of their endeavors for the past several years, which have constituted renovation and construction efforts for agencies such as the United States Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and many others. Belonging to the Omega Service Maintenance Corporation is a mark of pride for all who comprise its ranks. Whereas many of our competitors throw their personnel into the field with little to no experience, Omega Service Maintenance insists on hiring journeyman construction workers, men and women who come to us with three years of in-field work, thousands of hours of experience, and knowledge of the many construction vehicles and equipment we use for our various tasks. That sort of experience assures Omega that no matter the type of job we undertake, our crew has the versatility and firsthand understanding of how to do what needs to be done. With the exception of licensed professional environmental and hazardous material services, we at Omega Service Maintenance also make a point of completing every job offered to us with our own crew: no sub-contracting is used in our business. This approach allows us to carefully craft and monitor production schedules, as well as have confidence in the fact that jobs are being completed by personnel we know and trust, personnel who are adept at completing their work promptly and in reasonable periods of time. It has also been my honor to donate and provide my services for a number of important causes, all through my employment with Omega Service Maintenance Corporation. Facilities such as Newton, New Jersey’s Fairview Lake YMCA do their part to provide fun and educational activities for New Jersey’s youths and their families, and Omega reciprocates by applying exceptional craftsmanship to any renovation, maintenance, and construction needs they require. But our efforts don’t stop there: Omega also makes regular contributions to Fairview Lake YMCA and other programs such as The AIDS Support Foundation, Center Stage Productions, and the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation.

Interview with Jay Schroyer

May 17, 2010

With everyone pinching pennies due to the economy, clients in need of renovation and construction work are applying careful scrutiny to ensure that prospective renovation companies possess a triple package consisting of minimum qualifications, manpower, and experience, all of which are vital to producing quality work in a cost-effective manner. According to Jay Schroyer, a contractor with experience in various construction services for the federal government, his employer, Omega Service Maintenance Corporation, doesn’t just meet those qualifications: it exceeds them. I took some time to chat with Jay about the many projects undertaken by Omega Service Maintenance, as well as the company’s typical practices and policies.

Interviewer: In a nutshell, what is Omega Service Maintenance Corporation?

Jay Schroyer: Omega Service Maintenance is a certified business with expertise in construction and facilities maintenance projects contracted to us through the federal government. If Uncle Sam likes us, you know we’re good!

Interviewer: That certainly is high praise. What agencies does Omega Service Maintenance Corporation work for, specifically?

Jay Schroyer: We’ve been all over the place. Our usual customers are the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, the Marine Corps, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, and many others. We’ve even worked with the U.S. Postal Service.

Interviewer: Since Omega Service Maintenance essentially works for the federal government, do you operate all over the U.S. or are you based in certain areas?

Jay Schroyer: We operate throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Interviewer: What services does Omega Service Maintenance offer?

Jay Schroyer: Our forte lies in various renovation and construction projects, some repair services, facilities maintenance, and the like. At the risk of sounding like a cliché, the phrase “No job is too big” fits us well: We tackle projects ranging from maintenance work that wraps up in a few hours all the way to massive construction projects that take a good deal longer, though we always aim to finish those as expediently as possible, too.

Interviewer: Experience is so important in a job like yours. If you could wager an estimate, how much experience would you say the collective whole of Omega Service Maintenance Corporation has accrued?

Jay Schroyer: Several decades’ worth, easily. All of our field management personnel are experienced foremen and supervisors who have worked dozens upon dozens of construction and maintenance projects. It’s also a policy of ours to only hire journeyman construction workers, which means they come from apprenticeships comprising hundreds of hours of work, so we know they’re more than qualified to work on the projects we take on.

Interviewer: Does Omega Service Maintenance also use its own equipment, or does it lease?

Jay Schroyer: We absolutely use all of our own equipment, from bobcats, forklifts, and backhoes to excavators, everything we use is ours. The reason for that is we need to make sure we have equipment available to us from start to finish. If we had to return machinery, or if something broke down and we had to find another provider for that same piece of equipment, that’s wasted time and money for both us and our clients.

Interviewer: Thanks for talking to us today, Jay.

Dormitory Authority of the State of New York

March 16, 2010

Omega Service Maintenance is proud to have completed work for the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, which is dedicated to providing low-cost, high-quality construction services and financing through efficient, responsive, and innovative teams of professionals. DASNY continues to be supportive of green building practices, and, in April 2009, it received the United States Green Building Council’s LEEDership Award. The LEEDership Award acknowledges DASNY’s contribution to and leadership in green building. The USGBC mentioned four specific points to explain DASNY’s nomination. First, DASNY has created an initiative to educate the construction industry about green methods. Second, DASNY’s adoption of a new energy program, called Five Up-Five Down, is conservatively estimated to reduce energy used by the Authority for heating and cooling purposes by 6.5 percent in the winter and 27.5 percent in summer. Third, DASNY is working to make energy efficiency and sustainability standard practice throughout New York by participation in the Green Building Collaborative. Fourth, the employees of the Dormitory Authority have actively engaged in the climate change solution thereby serving as a model for other organizations, businesses, and families. DASNY has consistently inspired energy conservation, the most effective tool available for the reduction of greenhouse gas pollution. For the past two years, DASNY has required that all new constructions, additions, and significant renovations be submitted to the United States Green Building Council’s rating system, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), for a rating review. Schematic phase models must inform overall design through the use of design runs that explore building performance and energy use. A Commissioning Authority must be part of the design process, particularly during the schematic design phase. Construction is required to track, measure, and prepare all LEED documentation. These requirements ensure that both design and construction teams establish and meet sustainable goals for the project while staying within the given budget parameters of each project. It is through the enforcement of measure like this that DASNY continues to receive recognition for its green building efforts. LEED, the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design Rating System, was developed by the United States Green Building Council in 1998. Providing standards for environmentally sustainable design, construction, and operation, LEED now encompasses over 14,000 projects within the United States and has been adopted by 30 countries. LEED is distinguished by the fact that it is an open and transparent process, meaning that the technical criteria put forth by the LEED committees are reviewed for approval by the public, including over 10,000 membership organizations currently part of the USGBC.

General Contractor – Omega Service Maintenance

March 16, 2010

As a general contractor, Omega Service Maintenance enters into contracts with other organizations and individuals to provide for the construction, renovation, or maintenance of various buildings and structures. After a contract is agreed upon and signed, the general contractor assumes responsibility for all means and methods required to execute the construction project. All work must be completed according to the stipulations of the contract, including budget, special conditions, and other specifications for the project. An architect engineers the detailed plans for construction. The general contractor then uses these plans to determine how best to supply the labor and equipment needed to complete the project, including heavy machinery and tools. All labor is provided by the contractor, and, if necessary, the general contractor must subcontract any work it cannot complete in-house. At Omega Service Maintenance, we rely on in-house work as much as possible and only subcontract specialized work, such as the management of hazardous materials. In the United States, general contractors are required to be licensed in the state in which services are rendered.

Omega Service Maintenance: Emmanuel Cancer Foundation

February 25, 2010
Based out of New Jersey, the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation has been supporting children with cancer and their families both emotionally and financially, since it was established in 1983. Omega Service Maintenance has an established history of sustaining the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, among other charities, with regular donations. Through its team of professional caseworks, the foundation offers advocacy services, emotional support, and counseling. With four regional centers, ECF also provides material assistance by collecting and distributing food, clothing, and household items and emergency financial assistance through fundraising for families faced with unexpected crises. ECF works primarily with families in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York that are referred to the organization by the major hospitals in those states. All of ECF’s services are free to families with children suffering from cancer, including leukemia, neuroblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, brain tumors, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and retinoblastoma. The Emmanuel Cancer Foundation recently benefited from the Second Annual Ocean City Walk in honor of Mitchell McAllister, a young man under the care of ECF who passed away at the age of 17. Mitchell’s mother, Marie McAllister, chaired the event to raise money for ECF in recognition of the foundation’s tremendous support of her son and her family. ECF provided counseling not only to Mitchell, but also to his parents and his four siblings during a time that was extremely difficult for all of them. Staff members of ECF also supplied the McAllister family with gift cards to Acme and ShopRite in their time of need. Even after Mitchell’s passing, ECF remained in contact with the McAllister family to help his parents and siblings cope and to let them know they were not facing their loss alone. Omega Service Maintenance is proud to be part of such an invaluable organization, helping to make a difference in the lives of countless children and their loved ones.

Omega Service Maintenance Corporation

February 25, 2010

Omega Service Maintenance

Omega Service Maintenance Corporation is a United States Small Business Administration 8(a) certified business, but what exactly does that mean about the company and its customers? The 8(a) business development program is named after a section of the Small Business Act and helps small businesses compete in today’s aggressive market. SBA 8(a) certified businesses are small businesses owned by socially or economically disadvantaged individuals of good character who demonstrate a strong potential for success. This potential is measured in a number of ways, including technical and managerial experience, financial capacity, access to credit and capital, performance records, and appropriate professional licensing. The 8(a) certification is a nine-year program consisting of a four-year “developmental” stage and a five-year “transitional” stage. During the developmental stage, businesses are provided with business development assistance to help them overcome their economic disadvantage. The transitional phase offers additional assistance with any remaining elements of economic disadvantage while preparing businesses to leave the 8(a) program. The Small Business Administration provides 8(a) businesses with managerial, technical, financial, and federal contracting assistance to encourage the development of solid and viable businesses with a well-forged place in their respective industries. Over 8,300 companies are currently involved in the SBA 8(a) program with almost $10 billion in federal contracts awarded to 8(a) companies annually. The Small Business Administration acts as a prime contractor for other departments and agencies under the federal government and then awards subcontracts to 8(a) companies based on their individual performances. No contracts are awarded to 8(a) companies until they have authored an approved business plan that includes market potential analyses, a statement of specific strengths and weaknesses, long-term goals, and a transition management plan. After its business plan is approved, an 8(a) company is then responsible for its own marketing efforts and, depending on the success of its marketing efforts, is awarded 8(a) contracts. However, Small Business Administration does not guarantee contracts to 8(a) companies, and awarded contracts are completely dependant on marketing success.

About Omega Service Maintenance

December 27, 2009

Omega Service Maintenance Corporation’s dedicated staff has set the New Jersey construction and facilities maintenance firm apart from its peers. Performing maintenance, renovation, repair, and general and mechanical construction, Omega Service Maintenance has accumulated more than 21 years of experience in its field and earned an SBA 8(a) business certification. In marked contrast to many other companies, Omega Service Maintenance Corporation prefers to send out its contractors for most jobs (unless they involve highly specialized subcontracting tasks like the handling of hazardous waste). In so doing, Omega Service Maintenance Corporation maintains oversight of all tasks and is able to ensure that all work is performed to the highest standards. A valued member of the Neptune City business community, Omega Service Corporation gives back by supporting the Red Bank YMCA and has also made contributions to UNICEF. Moreover, Omega Service Corporation has donated a number of vehicles to support the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, the Fairview Lake YMCA, The AIDS Support Foundation, and Center Stage Productions.